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Update by user Jul 24

From reading reviews by other victims of Thor's product line, it appears that they have zero interest in improving their quality. Their business model appears to be to push garbage out the doors as fast as possible and maximize short-term profits, rather than building a loyal customer base with repeat sales.

It's a shame, too, as the Hurricane motorhome basically has a great floorplan, and the huge slideout is awesome.

As it stands, however, the Thor Hurricane (and all other products, I would imagine) is basically a great, dependable Ford heavy-duty pickup with a third-world quality house riding on it. Thor management and factory personnel should be 100% ashamed of the reviews their company's products precipitate, but I suspect shame, integrity and customer satisfaction are not in their personality profiles.

Original review posted by user Jul 24

Dear Thor,

Until you are capable of shipping units with minimal defects, we're not going to buy anything else from you.

By minimal defects, I mean a loose screw here and there requiring no extensive, or even any, warranty work.

Our 2016 Hurricane left Thor's manufacturing facility with MAJOR defects, namely:

1. Extensive problems with the auto-leveling system. It leaked out a considerable amount of hydraulic fluid behind the left front tire, directly under the pump unit. It also appeared to have loose, intermittent electrical problems, as it kept trying to deploy the jacks while we drove along. Had one of the jacks come down at 65 mph due to faulty hydraulic and/or electrical systems, the damage would have potentially been disastrous to the jacks and other undercarriage components, and ultimately potentially dangerous for my family. This is a totally unacceptable and totally preventable subsystem failure, had repeated full-load testing been done at the Thor factory and the problem discovered and corrected.

2. Alarmingly strong, persistent exhaust fumes coming into the passenger cabin from the refrigerator/freezer unit after the first operation of the refrigerator on propane. Our first stop at MHSRV revealed that shielding components were absent in the refrigerator propane heater section. Even after warranty "correction" of this deficiency, fumes continued to pour into the cabin during the remainder of our first trip any time propane was used for the refrigerator. The presence of these noxious fumes led us to refrain from using the propane heater, as it could have emitted similar fumes into the cabin, but in much greater volume. We were able to get the problem actually repaired after a second and lengthy wait for warranty work. All propane-powered units should be subjected to repeated power cycling and air quality measurements before they ever leave your plant.

3. A Thor assembly worker evidently reversed the cold and hot water lines. Hot and cold water were reversed in the shower and both sinks, and the biggest diagnostic surprise was scalding steam rising from the toilet when it was flushed. This introduced the serious potential problem of scalding burns, especially for young children using the facilities (such as our 5 year old grandson). This assembly mistake could so easily be minimized in the future if color-coded hoses were used, red for hot water and blue for cold water. Color coded hoses would also reduce repair time and probability of errors in the future when maintenance is required.

4. We bought our unit during relatively cool weather, and thus did not discover until the first warm sunny day on the road that the Hurricane air conditioner proved to be woefully inadequate to keep up with the heat load. This is not directly a passenger safety issue, but is instead an engineering design flaw and source of major discomfort during summer use. The corrections would be to increase the AC BTU rating and add extra insulation, add an additional unit, and to increase to 50A rather than 30A when both units need to be on. I would have been perfectly happy to have the need for 50A service.

So, a few key points to consider:

(a) You are primarily selling these units to retired people, many like me being retired engineers with 35+ years experience, so we're not idiots you can overwhelm with flashy advertising emails,

(b) Your warranty may cover the cost of repairing the defects listed above, but ignores the time factor to perform warranty work. It took over six months of downtime to fix all the errors you made in manufacturing, so our $100K purchase sat waiting for parts when we could have been enjoying it, and finally,

(c) The internet and social media sites are not your friend if you're shipping units with major defects that take months to fix and *** off new customers.

So, if you've read this far, perhaps you'll understand why I'm holding off buying anything from Thor until you demonstrate that you can ship quality units with minimal defects. That demonstration would come in the form of new customer product reviews. So far you're not doing any better than you did with my coach.

Try hiring an honest quality control person? Thor can thrive by shipping quality, or easily go out of business by burning customers. The choice is yours.

Mike I. Jones


Reason of review: Низкое качество товара или услуги..

Monetary Loss: $500.

I didn't like: Major deficiencies in quality control of new motorcoaches, I did not like thor quality or customer service, Company response to problems, Customer service and warranty service.

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I totally agree with you 100% ! Just a reminder to everyone buying an new RV.

Thor owns 13 companies. Do you research before you “ buy anything with Thor’s name on it.” I own a Jayco- made by Thor, and I had 19 issues in 2.5 months, sat in the shop or lot all winter for 7 months. 4 more issues.

Will probably sell it next year and buy a Grand Design! Quality!!


I am with you. I am letting everyone I know not to purchase a Thor product.

Is Volunteer in a Senior Center and there are many who have been interested in RVing since we just started ourselves this year.

Of cause that was until we had to cancel a trip due to defects again from both Thor and the dealership. Is Thor waiting for some one to die before they get their quality up to par?


I purchased a Jayco Eagle 321 RSTS and its pure junk! I have numerous postings on this site, but what I would like to point out is- if you do a search on how many Rv companies THOR INDUSTRIES owns, you will find 17 companies.

I suggest everyone researches their future purchases and "DO NOT BUY ANY OF THESE UNITS'! Again 17 companies- Don't buy any and hopefully they will go broke!


I have had too many slide out problems from day one. Should have stayed with my Bounder

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